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Injured Soldiers on Retreat

Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills came home from his service in Afghanistan a changed man.

News Bytes 06/23/2017 2
Extreme Heat Wave

When bracing for extreme heat, it’s all about the water. Drink it, splash in it to stay cool, and drink it some more. A lot more.

News Bytes 06/23/2017 4
High Seas Collision

Last weekend, a U.S. Navy destroyer and a Philippine container ship collided off the coast of Japan. Seven American sailors died.

News Bytes 06/21/2017 3
Gobi Finds an Owner

As dog stories go, this one about a scruffy little stray has legs for miles.

News Bytes 06/21/2017 9
Homeless Choir in NYC

A group of singers from Texas is in New York City. They’ll perform at Carnegie Hall Wednesday evening. The performance will make history: In 126 years, never has a musical ensemble of homeless performers appeared there.

News Bytes 06/20/2017 7
Wallenda Over Niagara

Erendira Wallenda, the aerialist wife of daredevil Nik Wallenda, successfully hung by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls last week. She performed the stunt five years to the day her husband walked a tightrope over the falls.

News Bytes 06/20/2017 7
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Ka-Ching 04/28/2017
Chicken Soup for Charity

The owners of a profitable doughnuts-and-fried-chicken chain found a valuable use for spare chicken parts: making soup to fund chari

Taste Test 04/28/2017
Music for Afghanistan

Imagine never hearing music.

Pop Smart 04/28/2017
Is Jet Lag a Game-Changer?

Ever wonder why major league baseball players sometimes slump? Studies show the culprit might be simple jet lag.

People Mover 04/28/2017
A Lost Twain Tale

A man sits in a Paris hotel room with his daughters. It is 1879. The little girls beg for a story.

Globe Trek 04/28/2017
Charcoal’s Bright Side

Pungent wood smoke wafts across southern Haiti. Villagers stack wood under mounds of dirt and straw.

Time Traveler 04/28/2017
Have Theater, Will Travel

What do balloons, plastic chairs, and a piece of carpet have to do with Romeo and Juliet?

Explain IT 04/28/2017
Warning! Tsunami Imminent!

In 2004, tragedy struck Indonesia. An underwater earthquake triggered multiple tsunamis, or giant ocean waves.

Pie in the Sky 04/28/2017
Flying Cars: Just around the Corner?

Long before Flubber or Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, humans dreamed of flying car

Law N' Order 04/28/2017
Released Time: School Secret

At California’s Lincoln Elementary School, the bell rings for lunch. Kids rush to the cafeteria. Some run to the playground.

Mud Room 04/28/2017
Defeating Malaria with Smell

Mosquitoes smell out their human victims.

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Everyone daydreams, and as it should be. Good dreams aside, our culture is a natural enemy of serenity and hope. God has equipped you for great things.

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